STOPzilla – The Leading Anti-Spyware Software

STOPzillaCutting Edge Technology:
STOPzilla scans for Trojans, adware, spyware, home page highjackers, rootkits, website phishing attacks, pop-up ad programs, automatic key loggers, dangerous or malicious BHOs, auto dialers, bot programs, stealth downloads, worms and many other threats to your computer and your privacy. Then, STOPzilla either blocks the attempted attack or removes the unwanted files.

Robust Online Security:
STOPzilla is so effective at stopping online attacks that it has received numerous awards of excellence and praise from a wide variety of software testing entities and other software review publications. We has been downloaded over 15 million times on desktops, laptops, netbooks and is used and trusted in over 60 different countries. Download the 2014 official edition today.

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Around the Clock Protection:
While allowing legitimate, trusted programs to run unhindered and uses True Real-time protection to block both known and suspected spyware and adware from ever being installed or running on your computer. Once quarantined, you can review suspected programs and safely remove them from your system before they have had the opportunity to cause any harm. Any time your computer is on, STOP zilla is actively making sure your Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista 8, and 7 data is never vulnerable to attack.

Superior Pop-up Blocker:
Some more basic pop-up blockers will only block pop-up ads from websites you are currently visiting. While helpful, that is only half the battle. Our top of the line pop-up blocker also blocks pop-ups from third party adware and spyware programs. Legitimate sites, including popular email sites and bank sites for instance, are allowed to use pop-up windows like normal with the program running and monitoring activity.

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Constant Support and Updates:
STOPzilla team of spyware and adware researchers put out new updates often to keep your protection up to date. People are inventing new ways of attacking online computers all the time, so the automatic update feature allows ua to stay ahead of the game when it comes to protecting your computer from the latest forms of internet attacks. Free web based tech support is also available to ensure STOPzilla is always running smoothly.

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Simple Interface:
Not only is 2014 edeition the most powerful protection you can find against all sorts of online attacks, but it is also simple to use. A clean, clear interface combined with auto-run technology that requires very little interaction means you can spend your time on the computer how you want, not messing around with your protection. Download today for your Windows 8, XP, Vista and 7 PC.

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